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Biografy abouth Ebba Grethe Moegelvang A Danish Artist who exhebit World Wide:

I am born in a small village by the coast of Kattegat at Djursland. This place gives us all that the natures have from storms in the autumn and winter, and when the summer comes , the beach will be full of many turists and local people, all of them enjoy the colorfull palets of our Nature here.
I have travelled in most of the world, and all my experiences from that, is the background for my paintings. It become a part of all my inspirations for painting, that I have met so many people and seen so many different cultures, all this I hope You will find, when You look at my art.
I am so lucky that I live in a beatifull part of Denmark, where we have all the natures from the Wood, the Moor, the Beach nearby, the old castle Rosenholm and many other things to visit.
All my travellings in the hole world and here in Denmark are my companionship to give me all my inspirations for painting, it gives me opportunities to "go in a picture" and feel the pictures own fascination and spirit and all what the colours can give me free. Through Meditation and silent music, my painting will come trough my hands and into the canvas.
I am a great admired of Matisse and Picasso, and all my paintings are very expressiv and intense in their spot. I have been in art school in his house in Vence, and have had several paintings travelling- for school in France many times. I Like it very much in the south of france. It is a beautiful place to paint in. My art are a storytelling , I have the place and the landscapes in my innerside through the brushes and the colour it cames free . My art are represented locally and widely internationally as solo and gropu exhibition and sales to compagny and persons.
Lyrics I wrote:
Airblue dayes, moments of sunshine, a vigour of green, the red fire, the greygreen willow twigs, cornyellow arcres,ochreous sand, the white snow.
All my colours - before it became dark.
The darkness needs light, and have it´s own spirit.
The planet of the colour are the soul of the nature and the hole cosmos soul. And we get a part of this spirit - when we are playing with the colours.

In august 2007 a wrote a book called At The end of The Rainbow, from which I have sold nearby 1000 peaces. My painted art are represented in Danahouse Hobro, Rings Furniture, Aalborg, and My own Gallery Moegelvang. I am working as a art director for the company Danahouse, it´s a shop and gallery together. In the Christmas 2011 I have been moving my gallery to new Locations in Moerke.
My art- work are representationed in many countries- such as- Australia- Egypt- France- Germany- England- California- Georgia- Cortical, Neuilly sur Seine, Paris- Giza Cairo Egypten, Pertshire, New Zeeland, Hanwood- Australia, Rydalmere- Australien, Seaford Delaware Usa., - Delaware, Stoeny Creek- Canada, Atlanta-Georgia-USA, Rockford USA, Atlanta Georgia USA, Dubai, Springdale, Usa, Cairo Egypten, Veenndal Holland. Faeorne, Norway, Germany,
Text from catalog exhibition Agora Gallery- Chelsea New York. 2009-2010.

Ebba Grethe Moegelvang once remarked, “Life isn’t about the breath we take, it’s the moment that takes our breath away.” So, it’s no surprise that her artwork is characterized by an effervescent spirit and spontaneous brushstroke. Mixing bold, brilliant acrylic paints into a tantalizing spectrum of hues, Moegelvang channels the primal energy of the Fauvist painters spearheaded by Henri Matisse, but in the process imparts her own unique artistic viewpoint. Each beautifully applied painting captures a particular emotion, relaying a message that sticks with the viewer in a profoundly resonant viewing experience. Frequently incorporating elements of the wilderness into her paintings, from wild animals to abundant botanicals, Moegelvang expresses a deep love and appreciation of nature while at the same time effectively using each element to convey a corresponding emotion. Having traveled throughout the globe and studied for a time in France, Moegelvang is profoundly influenced by a diverse array of cultural experiences. Also a published author, she lives and works in Denmark.

 article from artmagasin Artispectrum, New York . Nov. 2009.

Ebba Grethe Moegelvang, Denmark A Dane artist-

 Danish art in progress

Inspired in her work by Henri Matisse, Ebba Grethe Moegelvang creates paintings with vivid colors and lively,compositions that express a deeply felt passion for her
subject matter. Like Matisse, an experience of her work is a,feast for the imagination as well as the senses. Grethe’s use
of multiple layers and textures invites the viewer to explore,the imagery as one’s gaze follows a visual line through
her aesthetic landscapes. Van Gogh is also a notable,influence, as Grethe’s work embraces the organic, curved,
meandering lines of nature, leaving no surface neglected in her jubilant images.
Growing up in rural Denmark, Grethe has always been surrounded by the majesty of nature, yet hers are not
naturalistic pictures, but an artist’s sculpting of personal impressions transferred to the canvas, creating a tapestry
of color and form. Spirituality, and a sensitivity to our place in the world, also has an important presence in her work,
as do personal memories as an inspirational resource. Her subjects seem to exist solely within the canvas as unique,
semi-abstract creations, and her perceptive eye and skilled brushwork make these works truly engaging. A book of
Grethe’s watercolors, At the End of the Rainbow, was published in 2007.Websites: www.galleri-moegelvang.dk
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